The Area

Our small town of Hamilton has a lot of history behind it. A history we are proud to share with our visitors. 

Below you’ll find a full list of museums, historical sites, and more that help make Hamilton a one-of-a-kind destination.


JC Penney Museum

312 N. Davis

Hamilton, MO 64644

JC Penney Boyhood Home

E.R. Penney & N. Davis Street

Hamilton, MO 64644


Missouri Quilt Museum

300 E Bird St

Hamilton, MO 64644

Phone #: 435-849-2564


*Coming Soon

Hamilton Public Library

312 N. Davis

Hamilton, MO 64644

Phone #: (816) 583-4832


Hamilton United Methodist Church

104 W. Samuel

Hamilton, MO 64644

Phone #: (816) 583-2325

First Baptist Church

301 W. Berry

Hamilton, MO 64644

Phone #: (816) 583-4435

Federated Church

210 S. Davis St

Hamilton, MO 64644


Historical Sites

Far West Historical Site

Far West Temple Site

Hamilton, MO 64644

Phone #: 816-781-3188

Squirrel Cage Jail

310 W Jackson St
Gallatin, Missouri 64640

Phone #: (660) 663-7342

A Step Back In Time Historic Jamesport


Hamilton, MO 64644